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You've heard the expression by force of habit haven't you? That phrase describes a conditioned response, one that's been built over time by frequent repetition. Well, behavioral training is based on just that kind of conditioning. We make training a game for the dog with pleasant associations attached so that the dog is motivated to play along with us. There's no physical punishment involved--no metal collars, no jerking, no bellowing. We stay in charge naturally, without force, and over time we build very strong habits of good behavior.

Trainer or behaviorist?

One of the great benefits of true behavioral training is that our work will help your dog make sense of her life. You'll give her structure and a way to communicate with you, and she'll be better able to predict and control her environment. This alone can work wonders for a troubled dog and can bring a great deal of calm to an agitated, out of control dog or increase confidence for a timid, shut-down one.

We'll use many of the same tricks and tools that the behaviorists (the term usually refers to people with advanced college degrees in animal behavior) use, and we can make a crucial difference with most dogs. If we can't get the ice to break with these tools, I can refer you on to the best behaviorists in the area.

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