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What could be more convenient than working in your own home? It's calm and quiet, you and your dog feel comfy, distractions can be kept to a minimum, and for the most part, you have control of the environment.

Private lessons or group classes?

When you work at home, you and your dog will spend more time learning and less time frustrated. We can talk about behaviors that you see every day in your dog's normal routine, and she'll reveal more of herself than if she's in a special context like a class. You'll get your hands on problems like jumping up, chewing on furniture, bolting for an open door, barking at guests, and pestering you while you're trying to relax.

You'll learn the foundation obedience skills, just as in a group class, but you and your dog will learn at your own pace. You'll get 1.5 to 2 hours of individualized attention, there's no dumbing down, and you won't feel pressured. But most important, you'll learn how to have successful interactions with your dog at home, where you spend the most time together.

What about socialization?

Many people assume that simply being around other dogs and people is enough to guarantee a well-socialized dog, but a haphazard socialization strategy can do more harm than good. We'll cover socialization very thoroughly and in a very individualized way.

By giving the dog structure along with exposure to people and other dogs, a worried dog will feel more confident because someone is in charge, and a confident dog will learn that the rest of the world is not his personal plaything.

Our densely populated urban environment offers many opportunities to get out and about to interact with all manner of social challenges. By working individually, we can take in these challenges most advantageously.

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